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COVID-19 Crisis Doesn’t Dampen Community Spirit

Pennsylvania’s certified registered nurse anesthetists aren’t just frontline workers helping our commonwealth respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Often time these highly skilled professionals have to serve as caretakers for ailing friends and family members, too.

Through it all, whether at work or home, nothing can dampen our community spirit.

Darlene Homa, who previously served as president of the Pennsylvania Association of Nurse Anesthetists and as regional director of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, is taking on the challenge of being both a professional and family member during these uncertain times.

Darlene’s husband, Donald, is in the Washington Health System in southwestern Pennsylvania with health issues unrelated to COVID-19. But, because of the coronavirus outbreak, physical contact is limited as a precaution through a “no visitation policy.”

No physical contact? No problem!

Last week, Darlene’s family --- Led by Darlene, her daughter Daria, and Daria’s two children --- coordinated with Washington Health System nurses to make sure Donald received a warm message from the whole Homa clan.

While the family understands the importance of “social distancing” during this pandemic, they also know how important it is to go that extra mile to put a smile on a loved one’s face.

Check out this story from the Washington Observer-Reporter. Or, visit Washington Health System’s Facebook page to see the pictures and share the story.

All of this is typical of Darlene, who still works tirelessly on behalf of PANA and CRNAs in Pennsylvania. Darlene works as a CRNA for BPW Medical Associates at several locations in southwestern Pennsylvania --- and now even serves locally on Donora council’s committee to combat the virus, as this story from the Mon Valley Independent reports.

We’re all in this together. But we’re honored to have CRNAs like Darlene and her family who exemplify what “together” really means.

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