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BLACK HISTORY MONTH: In a life filled with promise, Lester Anim studies hard, works harder

It shouldn’t be surprising that the in-depth understanding of pharmacology as well as airway management required of CRNAs would pique the interest of Lester Anim, BSN, RN CCRN-CMC-CSC. He’s a lifelong learner. He’s also someone who remains calm, even under intense pressure, a trait common among nurse anesthetists.

Anim also has drive. “Imposter syndrome is still a problem for me,” he said. Changing careers in health care was a big step, and he remembers feeling like he didn't know as much as some of the other students in class who were nursing aides, paramedics, etc. Instead of deterring him, it only encouraged him to study and work even harder. He still feels that way today as a SRNA at the Geisinger Health System/Bloomsburg University Nurse Anesthesia Program.

Graduating from nursing school was a memorable event for Anim --- not so much because of graduation itself but because of life lessons along the way. Two friends who wanted to become nurses unfortunately lost their lives during that journey. Those events occurred at various points in Anim’s own nursing journey, too, and graduation gave him the sense that he did it for them.

Just as Anim did for them, others have done for Anim. He remains eternally grateful for the overwhelming support he has received from a variety of individuals.

“As cliché as it may seem, I look up to my parents,” he said. “They are both Ghanaian immigrants who worked extremely hard to get to where they are now. They instilled in me the importance of hard effort and doing things the right way.”

Anim wants to graduate from the Geisinger Health System/Bloomsburg University Nurse Anesthesia Program and continue to develop his abilities as a provider. His goal eventually is to participate in mission trips and help provide anesthesia for those less fortunate across the world. He promises to remain an advocate for the profession anyway he can, anywhere he is.

To Anim, Black History Month means celebrating the achievements and contributions that African Americans have given to this world. It involves telling the unsung stories of brilliant people who, despite challenging circumstances, served an inspirational cause with their abilities and talents. For us, it’s time to celebrate people like Lester Anim.


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