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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month: Featuring SRNA Samantha Lina Valle, BSN, RN

Samantha Lina Valle, BSN, RN
Samantha Lina Valle, BSN, RN

Samantha Lina Valle, BSN, RN, is a Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist (SRNA) at the University of Scranton School of Nurse Anesthesia. The life of a SRNA is a busy one. Between classroom work and clinical hours, the motto holds true: “Your days are long, and the weeks are short.”

⏰ Despite hectic schedules, SRNAs in Pennsylvania are eager to push the profession forward. When given the opportunity to share an inspiring message during National Hispanic Heritage Month, this is what Samantha had to say:

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of the many contributions and extensive history of the American Latino community. It exemplifies our influence, our achievements, and the role we play on American growth and success."
"To be an SRNA of Hispanic origin means I can now be a representation of what it means to overcome social and academic boundaries. Throughout my early educational years, there were times I encountered academic difficulties. Whether it was due to limited comprehension or processing, not once did I give up. Now, as I continue my journey in gaining the knowledge of anesthesia, I would like to inspire others to build the courage to pursue their dreams! I would like to remind others that failure is only failure if you do not get up and try again.”

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