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BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Miller’s wiping away stereotypes about what Black women can do

As an African American female, Black History Month holds a special significance for Lexus Miller, RN, BSN, CCRN, who currently is enrolled in the Bloomsburg University DNP Nurse Anesthesia Program. The month gives her --- and others --- the opportunity to learn about and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of Black people throughout history.

Black History Month provides a space for reflection and conversation about the ongoing challenges Black people still face today, and how these issues impact their lives and experiences.

As SRNAs, Black women have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the health-care field by providing quality anesthesia care to diverse patient populations and increasing diversity in the field of anesthesia.

Being a first-generation college student, and as an African American SRNA, Miller hopes to inspire young Black women to pursue careers in anesthesia and help to break down barriers and wipe away stereotypes about what Black women can and cannot achieve.

She’s already doing her part and promises to be a force for future success.


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